As Consumers, We have So much Power to change the world by Just Being careful in what we buy.
- Emma Watson


As ‘eco-fashion’ becomes more mainstream, it’s become more and more crucial to ask: What are the multifaceted goals of sustainability, and how do we actually get there with fashion?

The danger we see in having brands label themselves “sustainable” simply because they use organic fabrics or donate a percentage of their sales towards environmental causes is that we stop there.

After all, if “sustainability” is our ultimate goal and we’re told such brands or products are “sustainable”, wouldn’t that be it?

We say this not to diminish the progress being made and the hard work of every independent maker involved in challenging the current wasteful, exploitative, and polluting fashion industry, but simply in acknowledgement that there are always more parts of the process to improve to truly realize ‘sustainable fashion.’

We are all a work in progress, and to overuse the term meant to indicate the goal inevitably erodes its meaning, thus making us more likely to lose sight of our need to keep asking questions and keep pushing for better.

One aspect of the making process We’ve been fascinated by is the dying and finishing process. While most of the concerns expressed around microfibers bypassing our wastewater treatment systems to enter our rivers and oceans center around microplastics, the reality is that natural and even organic fibers, if dyed with toxic azo dyes and treated with toxic finishing chemicals, can similarly cause pollution when their fibers shed during the washing cycle and enter our waterways.

So beyond looking for low-impact, ecologically conscious fibers and ethical practices, We’ve also been keen to discover about plant dyes in their making process (and no toxic finishing agents), which would make the clothing more likely to be safely compostable at the end of their lives without causing harm to the soil ecology—and thus be more regenerative in supporting soil-to-soil circularity.

Imagine a cloth which breathes along with you! That’s the charm of wearing organic naturally made garments giving you a premium look and nature’s soothness. The premium-ness of these clothes comes from the natural organic material, chemical free process and the herbal dye which offers a unique experience and also makes you a trendsetter by embracing the stylish eco friendly fashion. With the uniqueness of natural organic fabric and the creativity of talented designers, we also brings you the collection of modern and contemporary range of ethical clothes considering the current fashion trend for both men and women. The presence of our range of clothes in your wardrobe will definitely create a style statement

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